Spit-takes and gigglesnorts

Ellen (ladyellent): You can do what a lot of people are doing and just wear the demo around and if anyone looks at you sideways just be like “its the new hair!”
Sarienne: or tell people it is a barrier to keep folks out of your personal space

ღвєяяу вяօαɗოօօя P. Waяdєnღ (b3rry90): any new hair?
ღ кαяα נєαη ღ (kara.foley) looks up her nose….thank god no

Lurr Macbain: Ouchie! Dogs be makin’ us work today… .my dog was sleeping under my desk and he sneezed and farted at the same time, freaked himself out and peed on his blanket.
Kathy (katherineaubrey): who says u cant teach old dogs new tricks

Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): You whippersnappers have it easy. we had to walk uphill through lag both ways to buy our hair and it was PRIMS, not even sculpty.

Ai (ranae.quinn) takes out her catwa teeth and tells her animesh cane to shake itself “stay off my bento mesh grass”

NAME REDACTED: well I live in a place called Second Life. That RL place is somewhere that these people named Bill and Aunt Flow visit me once a month and I can’t be bothered with them

יעΨ Lαđу V ђαвίв Ψיע (ladyphreak): getting crowded in the shop hehe
Ellen (ladyellent): are there any dancing zombies?
יעΨ Lαđу V ђαвίв Ψיע (ladyphreak): hehe not yet
Ellen (ladyellent) runs to the store and hands out the zombie dance
Ivy RaeBel (ivylarae) gets out her crow bar and survival pack, screaming “Apocalypse!!!!!!”
Ellen (ladyellent): you’ve been wanting to do that for months now havent you?
Ivy RaeBel (ivylarae) suddenly has cargo pants and army boots on “You have no idea”

יעΨ Lαđу V ђαвίв Ψיע (ladyphreak): I thought of a great way to make the zombie apocalypse way more fun…all funeral homes just tie the deceased shoe laces together :p

Belladonna Talbot (loreleiameranthine96): Ellen, my husband completely understands my whole age thingy. Our conversations sometimes go like “It’s the thing.” “What thing?” “The thing that heats up and goes round and round.” “The drier?” “No I wouldn’t put a pork chop in the drier!” “Oh the air fryer” “Yeah that thing!””

(speaking of ninjas…)
Jamie Mackenzie (jamie.dartmouth): I’m a red-head… would that make me a ‘ginja’?

Cynn (cynntanaghost): OMG sl has been killing me since the restart.. first i lost over 20000 inventory , finally got that back and tped home where i was missing my body and AO. so relogged, next tp lost my Head and hands , then the last tp my radar and dance hud… now im just rocking in a corner not looking forward to what ill lose next.. cause if its my sanity im screwed

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