Group Info & Rules

To join the Truth VIP group, paste the following link into local chat:

Cost to join: 350L



  • Regular VIP gifts – Truth sends a free fatpack to the VIPs each month. See here for more info.
  • Advanced notice of new releases – each time a new style is going to be released, sneak peeks are posted within the group rather than via social media.
  • Personal shopper – During in-world sales, members can make their hair purchases through amberdaze10 (Truth General Manager) or ladyellent (Group Moderator). This service is offered any time VIPs are unable to get in to the main store or struggle because of lag.
  • Contests and giveaways – monthly contests are offered to members of the Truth VIP group and are accessible in-world only.  Winners of each contest receive a fatpack of the next release. Also, Amber and Ellen have a tenancy to do random unplanned Truth Gacha giveaways.
  • VIP-only parties
  • frequent spit-takes and gigglesnorts.


Group Rules:

  • Please keep chat friendly and respectful to fellow members. Also please keep hair related chat/suggestions to Truth hair products only.
  • The Truth VIP Group is a general rated group. As such, all photos, language, subject matter etc should remain within those parameters.
  • Please refrain from linking anything relating to personal promotion in the group (i.e your blog, marketplace, event, DJ/host set etc) however, sharing photos via screenshots/flickr/etc is encouraged as long as images meet the guidelines above.
  • no selling/trading or giving away of gachas in the group. The only people approved to give away gachas are the staff (Truth, Amber & Ellen)



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