Meet Gia Halostar

“No one else will understand the fun of creating human totem poles while wearing dancing cows.”

Happy Sunday! In this installment of ‘Meet the Truthies’, I sat down with another lovely addition to our group, Gia Halostar who has been with us since the beginning. Hope you enjoy!


Ellen: Gia, thank you so much for agreeing to let me interview you today.

Gia: You’re welcome, I was happy to be asked!

Ellen: Jumping right in, is there anything you’d like to tell us about your real life? (age, country of origin, languages spoken, occupation, whatever)

Gia: Age; I’m a sliver over 32 (geeze where did time go, i joined SL when I was 21..)
Country of origin: UK. I’m a Londoner! Any other Londoners around? Surely there’s a few more..
Languages spoken; English mostly, and a smattering of other languages, not enough to count as anything substantial.
Occupation; I’m a digital marketer. That’s my official title but I do everything from content creation and copy-writing to event management to sales and financial projections.
Other things: I am a wee bit esoteric – I’ve been a tarot reader for years. I also love reading, taking photographs and I can fire poi (though sorely out of practice since it’s been a couple of years). I love to travel. I like going to odd events and I think that the best way to discover a city is to walk it.

Ellen: Wow, so many interests. I haven’t done a lot of traveling outside the US but I do love walking and totally agree about that being the best way to discover a city. So what brought you to Second Life and what made you stay?

Gia: A tutor of mine mentioned Second Life in the mid 00’s during a university course. Being curious, I looked it up and signed up. I was on holiday from uni at the time so decided to entertain myself with virtual reality. As with all noobs of that age, I ended up at a strip joint of sorts for a few months. Made friends, broadened my horizons.. and here I am, logging in that one more time to see how the people I care about are.

Ellen: Interesting, I came here during the long break between quarters too. I bet if I didn’t have so much time on my hands when I first got here, I probably wouldn’t have stayed. It took a lot of time to understand what the point of all this was and how to do the most basic of things. Next question – what are your hobbies and interests in Second Life now?

Gia: I’m a bit of a homebody these days. I explore some, and shop some, or stand in a somewhat full sim to watch the sights and eavesdrop, but mostly I hop from friend to friend.

Ellen: I used to love exploring here. I even did a series on SL travel. I really should get back into that – it was a lot of fun. What are some other facts about your Second Life that people might be surprised to hear?

Gia: I spent years RPing. All sorts of things, but most time spent in Cap sims and then medieval fantasy sims.
I can’t build, I’ve tried, but the most I can do is set two prims spinning around each other.
I like to observe people. I spend a fair bit of time in odd sims people watching. Once I saw the same guy with a green clock around his neck (think Flava Flav) three years apart. I’d taken a photo of him the first time I saw him and three years later he was delighted to see that I remembered him.

Ellen: Oh, I love people watching in both worlds. In SL it seems more interesting though since we can make our avis anything we want them to be with the click of a button. That, and no one can tell when we’re watching them lol. So, how did you get introduced to Truth hair?

Gia: I’ve been buying Truth for years. Way back when, a friend and I would pretend to be mad every time a Truth release came out because it would cost us all our lindens. (sorry Truth, we didn’t really mean it..) I can’t even remember what my first Truth hair was, it’s been that long.

Ellen: That seems like a common story – the longtime customer thing. You’ve been in the group since the beginning. Tell us about your experience in the Truth VIP group.

Gia: The Truth VIP group is probably the only group I have consistently left open. People are kind and considerate, helpful and chatty. One of my favourite memories is everyone dancing in the Truth shop (your fault that..). The conversation can get random very quickly, which is a very good thing in a group. The only negative is that Truth has been promising festive butthair for ages in group, but we are yet to see any sign of it. Only joking. It’s all good fun.

Ellen: Ha! I remember that zombie dance. We were waiting for one of the VIP styles and rumor had it, he was going to release it that afternoon. Lizzy even brought her horse. Someone took this gif of us: (there you are on the far right) Anyhooo, last question – if you could have Truth design one hair specially for you, what would it be?

Gia: I’ve been looking for the perfect bob, but somehow have never found it. Mostly since I can’t decide if I want a curly bob or a straight one. Oh, or alternatively something curly and flowy. Like Margarita, maybe a wee bit shorter, but with bangs. Love bangs!

Ellen: hmm. Very specific lol but at least we know that whatever it is, Truth can do it!
Gia, I want to thank you so much for your time today and letting us get to know you a bit better.

Gia: It was truly my pleasure, Ellen!

And there you have it folks. Join us here next week for another interview and as Amber always says; be kind to one another ♥



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