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“Negative. I am a meat Popsicle.”

This week’s interview is with my friend, Ellen. Although she is a staff member working for the Truth brand, she is first and foremost a “Truthie” (which is a loving title she uses for our VIP Group members) and we love her in that capacity. She is always there for everyone and has been from the first moment of being in the group. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about her….and here we go.



Amber: So tell us a little bit about where you’re from, your time zone etc.

Ellen: I’m on Second Life time and I live in the magical land of Nunya.

Amber: LOL ohh hey, we’re neighbors….moving on, how did you fall into Second Life and did you do it on purpose?

Ellen: Hmm it certainly wasn’t on purpose that I fell through that hole in the floor and landed in a basement with no doors or stairs! What were they thinking dropping me three feet from that dark dungeon of emptiness before I learned to fly any way? Luckily, I was only here because a friend insisted I would like it so she TPed me to a freebie mall and taught me the “basics” of Second Life: shopping and getting dressed.

Amber: I definitely fell into second life on purpose….I needed something to do while I was recovering from knee surgery (bah) and so I looked into SL and jumped in.

Ellen: Good thing your avi wasn’t recovering from knee surgery har har

Amber: LOL okay, tell us a bit about you in Second Life – your hobbies and interests, how you spend your time, and anything you think people might not know about you.

Ellen: Oh, what a big question. Let’s see – my hobbies include constantly accumulating a ridiculous amount of homes and decor (and then organizing and sorting my inventory), but my main hobbies are taking pictures and blogging -and yes, blogging is a hobby for me because I do it for fun in my spare time. Because I only blog for a handful of stores, I can be more leisurely with it. I don’t necessarily identify as a blogger though, in the sense that it’s my main job or focus here but I do spend a lot of time doing it. As you know, my main job is working for Truth, but I also work for a couple other stores and I really enjoy it. Since not a lot of people really know me here, it’s hard to say what they don’t know but I think they might be surprised to hear that I’m sort of a platform hermit. My chatty nature and the fact that I’m active in several groups and on social media might suggest that I’m very social but that isn’t necessarily the case. I also find that people are surprised to learn that I’ve only been in Second Life since August of 2016, so just over a year and a half.

Amber: Ah yes, I used to get that a lot too. I joined just two years before you. So, lets talk about Truth – tell us about your introduction to Truth hair

Ellen: Well, I was brand new in Second Life and I had a few lindens from chasing gems and wanted some hair. I went to so many stores but nothing really felt like ‘me’. Then a friend sent me the link for Truth’s marketplace. I thought the hairs were nice, so I got some demos. I remember I put one on and found the gingers hud and started clicking thru them and there it was…the rich gingery auburn of my dreams! LOL no joke. I was giddy. The textures were so smooth and well done and the style felt like it was made just for my avi. I didn’t have enough lindens and I was getting tired of chasing gems, (back then I thought I was going to survive without spending any of my real money), but I needed that hair. So I spent the next week in Linden Realms running from those obnoxious rock monsters and getting finger cramps but it was totally worth it. The hair was Dariela, which is still one of my favorites.

Amber: LOL I have no clue what you are talking about and I’m totally good with that…but, I’m glad you finally got that hair! SO, next question begging to be asked, how many Truth styles do you have now?

Ellen: Oh lord I knew this was coming. I count 121 separate style folders including the gift hairs. So I own maybe…five styles for each month I’ve been in Second Life? I hate math and totally suck at it so that’s the best you’re going to get lol.

Amber: uhm, that’s it really? We need to do some shopping! Speaking of the Truth group, wait…were we talking about the group? We weren’t really, but let’s do anyway. Will you tell us a bit about your experience with that?

Ellen: I can’t say for sure exactly when I joined or how I learned about it (since I wasn’t that familiar with the concept of groups), but I do have all the VIP gifts he’s given us since the beginning. I got a new computer in late November ’16 and lost my chat logs at that point so the ones I have now only go back to three weeks after the group was formed. All I know is that as far back as I can remember, it’s been my home. I always felt like I was part of a family and would check in with the group whenever I logged on. I also got to know you and watched how you managed the ever-growing number of Truth fangirls and fanboys. I learned a lot from you about how to address certain questions or concerns that would pop up when you weren’t around. You always had an answer for everything and managed to make it come across as loving or compassionate no matter what you were saying. It also impressed me that you’ve never allowed anyone to disrespect you. That is really hard to do in customer service. I’ve made so many wonderful connections in the group and had some of the most spastic, hysterical laughing fits as a result of conversations in there.

Amber: Thank you so much for the kind words Ellen, I very much appreciate that. So, speaking of things within the group, is there a moment (yep just one) which stands out to you the most?

Ellen: The night Truth threw us a VIP-only holiday party in mid-December ’16. Even though it was just a month after the group was formed, the sim was full an hour before the party even started and my friend and I lucked out by teleporting there just in time. I remember scrambling to find a decent outfit that day because it was a semi-formal event and I hadn’t yet learned much about fashion in Second Life. I was blown away by all the beautiful gowns and avis. I got to know a bunch of the regulars that night and was pleasantly surprised to find that despite them looking like supermodels, they were so easy going and friendly. I also remember feeling very special for being a part of it.

Amber: What a great story, thank you so much for sharing that. And thank you for letting me interview you.

Ellen: It was my pleasure, dear.

Well….we did it once again, another week, another VIP Interview…I’m frankly exhausted <sighs>. Feel free to check Ellen’s profile for more information about her social media and other aspects of her world that we might have missed in the interview. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you back here next week!

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