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KouraFor this week’s ‘Meet the Truthies’ feature, we have asked our last interviewee Kara to conduct the interview. She sat down with fellow Truthie Kouralee to find out a bit more about her. Hope you enjoy!

Kara: Hi Kouralee, thank you so much for chatting with me for the interview today!

Koura: Hey, Kara. Thanks for having me, pleasure to meet you. I have to say I was a bit surprised that I was asked to be interviewed for the blog!

Kara: Haha…it was the same when Amber contacted me as well. So to begin, can you please tell us a little about yourself (as much as you feel comfortable sharing): for example, your time zone, if you work in Second Life, and anything about your world here or real life that you would like to share with the Truth blog readers.

Koura: I don’t share too much about my RL in SL but I currently reside in California so I am on SLT not that it matters much because I’m a night owl hahaha. I don’t ‘work’ in SL anymore, I used to work for Catwa and that was fun, it taught me a lot but it was stressful and time consuming so I resigned. At heart, I’m a blogger so I decided to stick with that.

Kara: Having done real life customer service I can understand how stressful that can be! Lets back up a bit; how did you first hear about Second Life, and what made you decide to create an account?

Koura: I first heard about SL in 2006, by accident really. I was browsing the internet and something about it popped up on a forum I visited and I was curious. I signed up and immediately left it. It was so ugly and the characters were strange looking, thank goodness for mesh and the advances of Bento. I came back in 2012 on a new account because I couldn’t remember the account I had made back in 2006. Kouralee was born and I’ve been here ever since.

Kara: Oh, very interesting! Do you have any real life friends or family that also are Second Life residents?

Koura: Hmm, I don’t really talk about SL to anyone outside of SL so, no. I do have a very small number of friends from SL that have become quite good friends IRL now but none that I have actually met in person. I’m not very social on SL to be honest, not on purpose, I’m just boring haha.

Kara: Haha; I don’t think any of us is as boring as we think we are! What do you do for fun in Second Life? Are there any particular places you like to visit on a regular basis?

Koura: Fun in SL, hmm. Well I blog, take pictures and shop, a lot. I guess that is fun for me? I used to really enjoy finding new places in SL with a good friend of mine but she no longer logs on so I rarely do that. I do have another close friend that has been absent for awhile and I’ve missed her a lot. She’s my shopping buddy and always up for a photoshoot hahaha, I hope she returns soon. As for places I visit regularly, I’m usually just standing around or setting up a picture on a sandbox somewhere.

Kara: Switching gears a bit, how long have you been a member of the Truth VIP group? Also, how did you initially hear about it?

Koura: Since it’s inception, November 2016. I have been a long time Truth fan! My very first hair purchased on SL was from Truth and I’ve kept purchasing from Truth since.

Kara: Oh nice, you’re a very loyal customer! Can you remember the very first Truth hair style that you purchased? Do you still have it in your inventory?

Koura: I believe the very first hair I ever bought from Truth was called Dee and then Hilary. Hilary I still own, Dee must have been deleted during the great purge of my inventory some years ago hahaha.

Kara: Oh yeah, sometimes you just have to pare down that overstuffed inventory window! Out of curiosity, how many Truth hairstyles do you own in total? If you beat my 150 I will hang my head in shame!

Koura: Do we have time for me to count? I got to 206 and gave up! It’s safe to say I have a lot.

Kara: Oh….defeated! That’s an impressive number! Just for fun, what was your most “crazy” hair day in Second Life? How about in real life?

Koura: Hmm… I think that would have to be when I logged on wearing five hairs at once. Some weird SL lag had logged me out and when I logged back in I was wearing the five previous hairs from a couple days ago, it was really crazy! In real life, oh gosh…there are many. I have long curly hair that goes down to my lower back, I left it in a braid when I went swimming and when I got out it was matted and tangled so badly I thought for sure I’d have to cut it all off. Thankfully my mother rescued me and my hair from a hair disaster! Can you imagine? The kind of cut I would have if it came to that? *Shudders*

Kara: Kouralee, what is one of your most memorable moments in the Truth VIP Group? And, could you elaborate on what made it memorable for you?

Koura: There are a few but I think it’s just the overall tone of the group that makes it memorable for me. Everyone is quick to help! I do remember a moment though from last year in July involving you actually, someone was asking about their Catwa head and you referred them to the Catwa group I think (at which point I was still CSR) and you made a comment that really made my day, about the “CSRs in that group being very on the ball” if I remember correctly. I know it has nothing to do with the Truth group but it happened in there and it meant a lot.

Kara: Oh wow….I’m blushing now! I’m so glad I made your day! Back to the VIP group; Truth does pop in from time to time.. Do you have a favorite funny thing you remember from Truth personally? I keep missing his appearances, but I am told he makes a big impression!

Koura: I have been in there several times when Truth makes his sneaky ninja appearances. He has said some silly things from telling us to follow Amber to Vegas and eat all her food to talking about foaming glittering butt hair and mocha butthair (don’t ask). Besides the funny moments, he is quite generous and kind. He actually gave me my first big blogging break in July 2014. I still have the notecard inviting me to blog for Truth and I’ll admit, I nearly jumped out of my chair that day hahaha.

Kara: Since you have experience as a group CSR; if you were “Amber for a Day”, is there anything you would change with the Truth VIP group?

Koura: Amber for a Day? Are you nuts?! That girl works so hard and is the glue to that group honestly, I don’t think I could handle being Amber even if only for a day, she’s amazing. To answer honestly though, there isn’t a thing she has implemented that I would change.

Kara: I have to agree with you there! Is there anyone that you would say is a memorable personality in the Truth VIP Group? What is it about that particular person that makes them memorable?

Koura: Again, Amber and Ellen really take the cake. I’m sure they are sick of hearing it but they are kind and really try their best to chat with everyone and make everyone feel welcome. I’ve witnessed them help so many people and do it with such a good heart. I enjoy their friendship outside of the group very much.

Kara: in regard to our awesome monthly gifts; what is your favorite Truth VIP Group Gift so far; or if you can’t decide on one can you give us a top three and what stands out about them?

Koura: That is so hard, I love them all but I think I have a top two! Carla and Tinsley. They are so gorgeous and versatile. You can dress them up really easily or wear them with casual wear and still look super chic.

Kara: If you’re like me, you belong to a ton of SL groups. What do you consider one of the best assets of the Truth VIP group; meaning what do you think makes it stand out from other Second Life groups?

Koura: It is not as catty as some groups I have been in, the demographic in SL can turn out to be quite like secondary school sometimes and while I enjoyed my secondary school years for the most part, I’m an adult and would like to leave that part of my youth in the past, where it belongs! It’s not so PG that it’s boring but it is definitely a place you can hang out and chat without fear of some crazy drama popping up every couple of minutes.

Kara: Last question; if you were going to be Truth’s muse for an upcoming release, what is your “dream hair” that you would love to see Truth design?

Koura: The hardest hair to do in SL seems to be curly hair, really curly hair, not “I curled my hair with a curling iron” hair but actual curls like mine in RL. Obviously it’s not his fault that this hair is difficult, meshing in general is time consuming and I imagine if there was a mesh hair out there as curly as my RL hair (can be) it would probably look more like ramen noodles which is a look nobody needs to have on their head! I think the closest he’s gotten to my kind of curls recently is the group gift “Athena” from September 2017. It’s gorgeous.

Kara: Kouralee, before we finish is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about yourself?

Koura: I think I’ve rambled on quite enough for one evening, I am sorry that I am not as entertaining though hahaha. One more thing before we wrap up, I do enjoy SL and the friendships I’ve made here, the fun I’ve had and the many lessons I have learned. I am currently away from SL because RL has taken over in such a good way but I still log in from time to time and I love to chat, so if you see me say hello!

Kara: Thank you for taking the time to sit with me. I really appreciate you taking time for the interview!

Koura: It’s been my pleasure, Kara. Thanks again to Amber and Ellen for the nomination and to you Kara for putting up with me and my long-winded answers and of course to the man of the hour, Truth! Without him there is no group or hair for that matter!

Check out Koura’s flickr here!

Check back next week for another interview. Thanks for joining us! ♥

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