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12 years in SL and still doing it wrong 🙂

Hi everyone! As we continue on with our ‘Meet the Truthies’ interviews, I am so pleased to sit down with another wonderful addition to our community – Kara Foley. Hope you enjoy!

Ellen: Hi Kara, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview.

Kara: Thank you so much for having me, Ellen! I’m truly thrilled and excited to be chosen for this interview!! Most people know better than to ask my opinion on anything! *laughs*.

Ellen: LOL okay that just tells me this will be an interesting one. Why don’t you start off by telling us a little about yourself, anything about your world here or RL that you would like to share.

Kara: Oh, sure! In real life, I live in Northwest New Jersey, which is EST. That does make a few things in Second Life difficult, as it seems a lot of things are built around SL time, and I am always 3 hours ahead. To give you an example, the “Midnight Madness” fashion event group is effectively “3 AM Madness” for me. Hunts are hard when you are barely conscious. I used to work in SL; for several years I was the main hostess at “The Blue Note Retro Jazz Club”. Sadly, the club is taking a hiatus from live events so I am looking for a new position. In real life; I do payroll support at a major payroll processing company. It’s not exciting, but it pays the bills.

Ellen: I think most would say their rl work isn’t exciting, of course that’s why we have hobbies! Being a hostess seems like a lot of fun, making everyone feel welcome and being part of the enjoyment of the club…so, what brought you to SL?

Kara. Back in early 2006 I had never heard of Second Life, and then I read an article by Sci-Fi Writer Warren Ellis talking about it. My curiosity was aroused, and after one unsuccessful attempt to register I finally got in (back in those days you needed to verify a credit card or cell phone number and for some reason I wasn’t able to verify the first time). I was immediately taken in by the experience and haven’t left since. My rez day is February 18th, 2006 so I have been here over 12 years now….wow.

Ellen: Oh wow, I shudder to think of some of the things you’ve seen over the years lol. So, do you have family in SL?

Kara: Not actual family. I do have a few close real life friends that have tried it; but for some reason none of them stayed long term.

Ellen: Isn’t that always the way it works out?  Tell us, what do you like to do for fun in SL?

Kara: I love to shop, and go to SL clubs when I have a chance. I do have issues with lag so I often don’t stay at a place long if it is too packed with folks. I used to do a lot of sci-fi roleplay but most of those groups are no longer active. I actually have a couple of friends who do builds based on Sci-Fi TV series and movies and sometimes I just wander through those; it’s like being on the actual sets and it’s something you could only experience in Second life. It makes my inner Geek Girl very happy!

Ellen: I do love the level of creativity people express here through sim builds. It always blows my mind what some folks are able to produce with a little imagination! Next question; how long have you been in the VIP group?

Kara: I am embarrassed to say a little over a year; I do a lot of shopping on the marketplace so I was not even aware of the group. I saw one of the VIP hairstyles on my awesome friend, Naydee McGettigan, and she told me where she got it and gushed about the group. I joined that day!

Ellen: Aww well we are so glad you joined us. Can you remember your very first Truth hairstyle?

Kara: Going by my inventory, it was called “Jess” and I bought it on June 23rd, 2009. That’s a while ago 🙂

Ellen: Wow, and you still have it! How many Truth hairstyles do you own?

Kara: A LOT *laughs*. I will have to go to my inventory and take a count. *comes back*…. about 150; I thought it was more *laughs*

Ellen: That IS quite a lot though. I’m impressed! So tell us about your most crazy hair day?

Kara: Back in the old days of SL, you would TP somewhere and due to the terrible leg you’d rezz with your hairdo attached to your butt. I don’t think anything could be crazier than that!

Ellen: LOL I’ve heard about those days and have to say I am not sorry I missed them! Speaking of memorable moments, is there one from the group which stands out to you?

Kara: The craziness that erupted when Truth did the gag Pumpkin do last Halloween. I thought it was hysterical; but sadly some folks reacted like they were cheated out of a gift. I think a good sense of humor is a gift not all of us were blessed with.

Ellen: I couldn’t agree with you more. I was glad to see how many great senses of humor we have in our group though! Speaking of which, do you have a favorite funny thing you remember from Truth personally in the group?

Kara: I wish I did; I haven’t been around on most of the occasions he’s popped in. The man is an awesome talent, though.

Ellen: So true, his talent is just amazing! Hopefully he’ll be able to spend a bit more time in the group soon like he used to. He does likes interacting with the Truthies and making them laugh. Speaking of personalities, who is your favorite personality in the Truth VIP Group?

Kara: Amber. In my honest opinion, she is made this group what it is as far as the wonderful ‘safe’ and welcoming tone the group has. And you are so great as well; I am always happy to see you two interact with us “Truthies”!

Ellen: Aww, I’m so glad that you’re happy with us. We both love you guys and just like to make sure you’re all taken care of. Moving on….which is your favorite group gift so far?

Kara: Kare. Holy mackerel I love that do. If I had to delete my entire hair folder except for one style, it would be Kare that I kept!

Ellen: I love Kare! It’s definitely a group favorite. We probably have a soft spot for that one because it was the first style Truth made with the stylist huds and new texture huds. So, what is your dream hair that you would love to see Truth design?

Kara: Don’t laugh, but I *really* want the do that Taylor Swift is wearing in the “Delicate” video!

Ellen: (Googles that) Oh, definitely a cute style. Shorter wavy ponytail with straight bangs. We might need to suggest that to Truth! So, Kara, is there anything you would like the readers to know beyond the questions we covered above?

Kara: I have been privileged to travel to England, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, and up above the the arctic circle back in my younger days. Travel broadens the mind, inactivity broadens the butt!

Ellen: Wow, you’ve been to a lot of countries and LOL I might have to quote you on that sometime! Kara, I’d like to thank you so much for taking the time to sit with me today and for letting us all get to know you a little better.

Kara: It was an honest pleasure to be here!
*Tune in next week when Kara conducts our next ‘Meet the Truthies’ interview. Thanks for reading! ♥♥

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