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” Kinda mad im not a mermaid”

Hi Lovelies! As we continue on with our VIP Group Member interviews, I am so pleased to sit down with another of my favorite people in all of SL, Mina (Pristine Kytori). Hope you enjoy!


Amber: Mina, Thank you so much for sitting with me today and for doing “the interview”. I am thrilled to see you and as always let’s just shoot the breeze and talk a bit about you, about Truth and about the VIP Group, you ok with that? 🙂

Mina: I am very pleased to see you! It is always good to chat with you, in work, and on the outside!

Amber: So, jumping right in, tell us a little about yourself, RL or SL….you decide what you are the most comfortable with.

Mina: Almost exactly 10 years ago, my very first avatar logged into second life. I had gotten a new computer and my boyfriend at the time had heard about Second Life and had thought it was something I should do. I logged on, was completely confused and logged out. Took months off and decided to come back. That time around I made friends who helped me along the way and kept me coming back. Before Facebook, there was Second Life, and was a great way to keep in touch with people.

Amber: Mina, I didn’t realize you were so “SL old” I have no idea why I didn’t know this about you lol. Do you have family here in world?

Mina: I have many wonderful friends in SL that I would consider to be family. Some Ive known my entire time Ive been in second life.

Amber: Long lasting friendships in Second Life are not as far and few between as I would have imagined. It’s a great dynamic. What do you like to do for fun in world, besides spending time with your great friends?

Mina: Shop of course! Its amazing the creations people come up with and SL is like playing with your own Barbie and Barbie Dream house!

Amber: LOL @ Barbie and Barbie Dream House, what an accurate analogy. How long have you been in the VIP group?

Mina: As long as it was started. I know Ive been going to Truth for ever and each Avatar Ive had has had many selections of hair from truth!

Amber: I can remember all of our beginning times with the group, it was so fun and watching it grow. Can you remember your very first Truth hair style?

Mina: LOL! I cant remember lunch yesterday! I do remember the older store and wandering around for hours and having the hardest time picking just one. I know Truth has always been generous and have gift items from the start.

Amber: You had chicken salad with pita chips and some fresh fruit. OH wait- that was me lol. Any way, that was just an awesomely “YOU” answer. Ok, now that I’m done laughing at your response I’m going to make you do some work, how many Truth hairstyles do you own?

Mina: oh my goodness, Well over 50 for this Avatar, spread over all of my avatars I cant imagine the actual hairs!

Amber: Ellen and I were just talking about you and your names the other day, we can’t keep track of which name you are going to change this avatar to….can’t imagine all the others, it would be nearly impossible for our tired brains lol. So tell us about your most crazy hair day?

Mina: The day when I cant figure out what to wear, so I wear my hair with the can curlers. * is this what you meant?*

Amber: Yes this is exactly what I meant lol…I’m actually leaving that in the interview even if you were asking me seriously if that was what I was looking for, because it made me chuckle. I once decided that I would click on an entire folder and somehow 30 hair styles flopped onto my head, I am still not sure what happened….so yes…that’s what I was after. Let’s move on to the group now, what is one of your most memorable moments in the Group?

Mina: With this group, there is not just one. So many wonderful people that you watch and laugh with, or laugh with from a distance. When you see the same names day after day, you feel like you know them, even though you haven’t spoken. I think the most memorable part about this group is, the kindness and willingness to help each other that several of the “Truthies” display and continue to display.

Amber: I love that answer because it’s so true, it’s impossible sometimes to pick just one, there are so many. Do you have a favorite funny thing you remember from Truth personally in the group?

Mina: I rarely see Truth say much in chat, but if he does, he is usually pretty witty and has a funny comment!

Amber: He’s always pretty stealthy that’s for sure, Truth sees all however, he’s most always lurking and if not he reads back and checks to see what his group is up to. So, Mina, If you could change anything with the Truth VIP group, what would it be?

Mina: I honestly can not think of one. With the new blog that has been created, I think that will help with the one thing i would *like* to see changed. While I know its actually impossible. Laughs. but.. the one thing I could go with out seeing 500 times a day ” when does the group gift come out ”

Amber: LOL that will always, always be the #1 Most Popular Question in the TRUTH VIP Group, that is never going to change and I really wish I would have kept track over the last year and a half how many times I have answered that..or Ellen has. We are always happy to answer that particular question, though. Now, having asked that, do you have a favorite personality in the Truth VIP Group? Who makes you either smile, laugh, or all of the different emotional moments?

Mina: Why, AmberDaze and Ellen of course! Always so sweet every single day, If you guys have a bad day, we have no clue!

Amber: (psst Ellen and I will pay you for that later, please remind me ..LOL) Thank you so much for that compliment! Yes, Ellen and I are NEVER in a bad mood, we NEVER have bad days, we are just notoriously cheerful and happy (and what you don’t know won’t hurt you right?) OH let’s move on from that and on to the very important questions “when is the group gift coming out?” I MEAN….Mina what is your favorite group gift thus far…or if you can’t decide give me that list.

Mina: Thats like asking me which sister do I like the most, can I really just single one out? ( Deja, totally Deja)

Amber: lol there is always that one sister! Your sister Deja wins out EVERY time. What do you consider one of the best assets of the VIP group…meaning what do you think stands out the most about our group?

Mina: The friendly interaction between members, the help that the members provide to one another and the bonds that have been formed and will continue to form in the group.


Amber: We do have so many wonderful helpers. What is your dream hair that you would love to see Truth design?

Mina: BOWS AND RIBBONS!!! Id love pigtails with long ribbons…

Amber: I can just envision that flickr photo right now! Mina Bobina we are about to the end of our interview today, I’ve has so much fun sitting with you, it’s always just a pleasure to have that time in your very busy world. Is there anything you would like the readers to know above the questions above what we have covered above?

Mina: We have covered how the V.I.P. Group is quite possibly one of the best groups around and an absolute joy to be a part of. Never have I seen anyone say anything but great things about the group.

Amber: It is really such an amazing community, we are very, VERY fortunate to have this style of group in SL…it makes us all so proud. Ok, we’ve been at this for while now, we need to get back to our work and fun. LOL… Mina, thank you so much for sitting with me today for the interview, you’ve been just lovely.

Mina: It was truly an honor to sit and be interviewed by you and to be a part of the greatest group in SL. I cant wait to see what new and great things come next for Truth and its amazing members!


Thank you all for reading this very fun and informative interview with Mina (Pristine Kytori). I am so honored to have been able to sit with her, I have been a huge fan of the person Mina is in SL and within our group.

Feel free to click over to her flickr or check her in world profile for more about her.

*Please note that not all of Mina’s photos are general rated, please use your own discretion when viewing her beautiful work.

I will see you all for the next interview, have a wonderful week and be kind to one another!

Amber <3<3

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