Meet Bewkie Effingham

“Sometimes I just tuck my knees to my chest and lean forward. That’s just how I roll.”

I recently had the honor to sit with Bewkie Effingham and interview her for the VIP Blog. Bewkie is so warm and kind, her humor amazing. Enjoy reading my interview with Bewkie!


Amber: Bewkie, thank you so much for agreeing to sit with me for the interview today, it’s always so fun to spend a little bit of time with you away from work!

Bewkie: Thank you so much for asking to interview me today. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you and fellow Truthie’s about my experiences in SL and with Truth hair.

Amber: As always I like to start out the interview with “a little about you”, where you are from or time zone if you don’t want to be too personal in the interview. Bewkie, please give us a little peek into …your world.

Bewkie: I’m 33 and I’m from East Coast Canada which is SLT +4. It’s small here, and it’s cold, snowy and gross in the winter time, but beautiful in the summer. I don’t currently work in SL, but in RL I work 3 days a week at in home estethics business. I’m sort of a home body since I spend a lot of time on SL, but my other hobbies include binge watching Netflix, reading, artwork and coloring or anything creative and crafty.

Amber: Thank you so much for sharing that with us Bewkie, you have some busy times with that NetFlix binge watching lol along with all the other things you love to do, of course! So let’s change this up a little bit, what brought you to SL?

Bewkie: I was part of another online world. It was much smaller and only in 2D. A lot of the members there found out about SL were switching over because the graphics were 3D and because SL was free to play as opposed to the monthly fee we were playing for the other chat. I eventually followed them over once I upgraded my computer to something that could handle SL’s graphics. That was 10 years ago and I have been logged in nearly every day since.

Amber: AMAZING! 10 years, it’s JUST THAT addictive! Love the story of your other online world, so glad you switched πŸ™‚ Do you have family in SL?

Bewkie: I have a big sis/besty O’Malley Warblood Winston and a small family consisting of Shani & Max Hawthorns, Opie Winston, and Mad Hatter. I also have a handful of other close friends from various places around SL and tons of acquaintances.

Amber: Love to see the family/friend connection in SL. I was actually surprised by how much of the family dynamic there is here when I first joined. Bewkie, besides spending family time, what do you like to do for fun in SL?

Bewkie: SHOP SHOP SHOP and SHOP. Hehehe! Shopping is definitely my primary hobby in SL and I love being able to put together all kinds of different looks for my avatar. You get to explore different fashion trends with the click of a button that you might not be able to pull off or express in the real world. It’s the ultimate dress up experience for grown ups! I also enjoy chatting and getting to know people. I try to help out wherever I can because SL is a big a confusing place and I don’t think any one person knows it all. I also have a motorcycle that I take to tracks and ride around occasionally with my fam.

Amber: Oh Shopping is such a huge issue of addiction to so many of us, oh darn right? lol How long have you been in the VIP group?

Bewkie: As far as I know I have been in the VIP group from it’s inception. I’ve also previously been a part of the update group and older subscribos.

Amber: Can you remember your very first Truth Hair Style? I know, how about I put you on the spot for the next few questions? lol

Bewkie: Ouuh gosh that would have been so long ago! I do remember an old style called Jennifer that I wore a lot. Also one called Emily I still have from 2011. πŸ˜›

Amber: OH MY GOSH, you have to show me Emily from 2011, we’ll get you to model for us. Ok next on the spot question, this one will make you work a little, how many Truth hairstyles do you own?

Bewkie: 132 – (WOW! I’d never counted them before. :O)

Amber: LOL I know I’m so mean to make you actually count all of them! Let’s move on to the VIP group for a few minutes, what is one of your most memorable moments in the Group?

Bewkie: When Truth sent out the pumpkin with the little tuft of hair for the (first) October group gift. It was interesting to watch the responses. Full disclosure I was on the “disappointed” side, only because I love Truth hair so much and was looking forward to a new style. But he obviously came through with Makena in the end which was awesome! πŸ™‚

Amber: LOL oh my gosh the amount of notecards and IM’s from those disappointed were amazing, and it was soooo cute that tiny tuft of hair right? Just so cute. Now, having asked that…who is your favorite personality in the Truth VIP Group? Who makes you either smile, laugh, or all of the different emotional moments.

Bewkie: I don’t think anyone really sticks out to me. It’s a great group of diverse people. If you’re feeling sad, there’s someone in there to wish you well. If you’re feeling a bit sassy or snarky, someone will come back with an equally good quip. It’s like having that perfect friend for every mood.

Amber: Such a great answer to that question, that’s something I love about our group that diversity and every single day is a different story. Ok lets talk about group gifts πŸ™‚ the happiest words in the VIP group lol….which is your favorite group gift thus far…or if you can’t decide what is your top list?

Bewkie: Ambriel, Elie, Athena

Amber: You didn’t even need to think on that lol bam those three and we are OUT (mic drop). Let’s see if this will be that cut and dried, what do you consider one of the best assets of the VIP group? Meaning what do you think stands out the most about our group vs others on the grid?

Bewkie: How smooth and efficient it works. There is so little drama, anger, tension in this group. I think because when something occurs it’s taken care of right away. The rules are clear and enforced so people are well behaved and know what’s expected of them. This makes it a pleasant place to be. On top of that, everyone is really helpful. The mods are SUPER hard working, answering questions, solving problems, making suggestions and they’re always patient and polite. When the mods are not available the group in general is pretty good at stepping in and helping out where they can. I especially like how you can ask any sort of shopping question and someone is there to lend a helping hand.

Amber: Do you see things that you might want to change about the VIP Group?

Bewkie: Nope. πŸ™‚

Amber: Easiest question of the intervew just then, lol. Bewkie what is your dream hair, just one that you would love to see Truth design?

Bewkie: My only dream is that since I have a unique first name (I made it up and I’m the only one with it in SL.) is to someday have a Truth hair named after me.

Amber: Bewkie, thank you so much for agreeing to sit with me for the interview, I am so honored to have had this time with you and to bring a little more of your world to the other VIP members. Do you have anything to say in closing to the VIP’s reading the blog, also to those who are not VIP’s?

Bewkie: Thank you again for having me as a guest on the blog. I had a wonderful time discussing my time in SL and Truth hair. To all the readers out there: If you’re already a member of the Truth VIP group thank you for being a part of our awesome community. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? Come join the fun!


Thank you for reading my interview with Bewkie Effingham. You can check out more information about Bewkie by looking at her profile in world. Bewkie currently has no social media associated with her SL, however we never know when that might change. What an honor it has been to interview this very important member of our group!

I will be back next week with our next VIP interview, until then everyone stay safe and please be kind to one another! <3<3 Amber

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