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Hi everyone I am AmberDaze, General Manager of Truth Hair/ALT by Truth, today I am going to be interviewing Star Silvercloud (Star Vordun). The first Truth VIP Group interview for our new blog, we are so excited!

Enjoy the interview with Star, as we learn a little more about the people who make up our group and their lives, both in world and a tiny bit of information about RL too.


39376093854_830050ed41_oAmber: Star, hi 🙂 thank you so much for sitting with me for the interview today, it’s such an honor to have you as our first interview!

Star: Hi Amber! It’s really an honor to be chosen for this, thank you so much for thinking of me when you got the idea to do this.

Amber: Star, let’s give our viewers a touch of Star in RL! If this is too personal we can skip this question and you don’t have to give details, which country you live in works perfectly or even your time zone!

Star: I live in a small town in South Dakota in the middle of the United States. Currently I work as a baker/cake decorator in a bakery. I’m a wife and mother of two, an almost 18 year old bonus daughter and a rambunctious 4 year old little boy.

Amber: What brought you to SL? Again, if this is too personal we can skip right on to the next question.

Star: I blame it all on my husband! My husband and I met online playing a game, World of Warcraft. I lived in South Dakota and he was located in California. He, at the time, had IMVU, and he got me using the program to connect with each other when we didn’t feel like using WoW. While using IMVU, a friend of ours mentioned second life, so we thought we would check it out. Almost instantly we loved it! It was great getting to explore at different places and meet different people, and we’ve been using it together ever since, even after he made the move here and we got married and started our family.

Amber: It’s so fun to see the moments which brought people around to Second Life, thank you so much for sharing that story with us Star, so fun! Do you have family in Second Life?

Star: I have a handful of really amazing friends that I consider family.

Amber: Sounds like an great group of people which you call “family”. What about work Star, do you have a SL job? If so, would you share with us what you do?

Star: I’ve had my own little store for awhile, where I retexture full perm meshes. It’s a fun way to be creative without having to have the amazing patience and talent of making mesh from scratch. I also help manage a club here in SL as well as having a small gacha reseller store. I like to keep busy!

Amber: Star congratulations on your past little store and wow you are a busy lady indeed! I agree with you about the creativity aspect of SL, it’s so important to so many people and those who can’t create? SHOP! lol When you are not working, what do you like to do within SL to occupy your time, beyond family of course!

Star: I feel like asking what don’t I enjoy doing in this world would be easier to answer! I like to explore a lot, finding new and fun places to hang out and listen to music. I’ve recently gotten into taking photos in world, so I spend a lot of time finding scenic places in SL that will work well for backdrops in pictures. Like most gals, I love shopping and am always so excited for some of the creators new items to come out so I can try them out. I’m also slightly (majorly) addicted to gacha machines, so I really look forward to any new gacha events that come out. On the non-shopping related things to do, I like hopping on my jet ski and seeing where the water can take me. I’ve found some really interesting places that way, including where I live in SL.

Amber: It’s so great to see what other people do with their time in SL, thank you so much for sharing that with us and giving us some ideas … we always love new ideas, places to see and things to do! Jet Ski sales will probably skyrocket on MP now! Star when did you join the VIP Group?

Star: I joined the very first month that Truth started it. I’ve been a Truth hair wearer since I started SL 8 years ago. I don’t remember what the hair was called, but it was the first hair that I bought in world! When I heard that he was starting a VIP group, I signed right up.

Amber: So, that means you joined in November 2016, one of the first Truthies! That’s just so awesome, it’s so much fun to see how we have all progressed over the past year and a bit. What was one of your most memorable moments in the Group?

Star: I’ve had so many but I think I’ll go with this year’s Christmas/New year’s party. It was so so fun to get together with fellow Truth members and listen to some amazing live performers and great djs. Plus, it was so amazing to see so many people offer other locations to celebrate with each other when the main location was full. To me, that embodies the spirit of the Truth group.

Amber: I totally agree with you, it’s been an amazing group of people and we are so lucky that others feel the same as we do. But, if you could change anything about the TRUTH VIP Group, what would it be?

Star: I’m not sure that I would really change anything, but just continue to cultivate the “be kind” mentality. I absolutely love how positive and encouraging my fellow truth members are to each other.

Amber: I love that answer so much, yes it is such an amazing group! Let’s talk numbers now, because I know you are so good at numbers….how many Truth Hair styles do you currently have? Yes I know I am making you work now lol !

Star: Oh goodness. I’ve never fully counted them. About 120 and one very cute pumpkin head.

Amber: Oh that is AMAZING ! and goodness that pumpkin head, that will be a forever fun memory where Truth Hair and the VIP gifts are concerned! So continuing on the group train, who is your favorite personality in the group? Or personalities if you have more than one?

Star: I have two. You have always been so amazing since the group got started and I started being active in the group chat, always kind and happy to answer any questions and fix any mishaps that I’ve had. Ellen is my other favorite, even before she became a mod for the group, she was always very helpful and even let me send her multiple gyazo’s of pictures I was trying to take and offered me tips to better them. Plus, she always makes me laugh with her quips and stories.

Amber: Thank you so much for that lovely compliment, and I totally agree with you about Ellen, she is a rock star within our group, she has been from the beginning! I’m sure Ellen and I have our favorite group gifts, but what in your opinion is the most loved VIP group gift so far, or which did you love the most?

Star: I think that Athena was one of the most loved over all, when it first came out everyone was so impressed with it! My personal favorite VIP hair was HoneyAna, I absolutely adore the slightly messy side braid, and I wear it on a weekly basis.

Amber: Oh yes agreed! Although I say that about all of them! I think the group members are pretty vocal about their favorites. That I think is something that makes our group stand out a little, what do you think makes the Truth VIP Group stand out in the sea of second life designers groups, if anything?

Star: I love that its such an open group and that we can talk about just about anything in there. It makes me smile when I log in and everyone is talking about random things. And its so welcoming, anyone can jump in mid conversation and not feel like they are butting in and out of place. It’s one of the few group chats that I keep open when I’m online. I also really love how helpful everyone is to each other. When you or Ellen are not online, and someone asks a question, there’s always someone who is happy to answer if we can.

Amber: I love that about our group as well, we have always been a family more so than just a bunch of random people in a chat group. Ellen and I have hoped that as we grew it would always remain that way. Have you ever thought of some things that you would like to see happen in the group which are not currently happening?

Star: I’d like to see more photo contests, I really had fun with the halloween one, plus its always fun to see how others style their Truth hairs! I think that you and Ellen do a great job keeping the group active with different contests and giveaways.

Amber: The photo contest was so much fun, we will be doing more of them but probably only every quarter of the year, they are so much work lol. It would be fun to see the recent designed hair by Truth in more photo contests, which hair would you like to see Truth design for the next photo contest?

Star: I am a sucker for updos and braids! I would love to see a fun boho braided updo with little flowers woven in the braid.

Amber: Oh that would be so amazing, and we all know Truth does love braids! Well Star we are winding down the interview, it’s been so much fun! Is there anything else you would like the blog readers to know above and beyond the questions we have covered?

Star: This is one of the most favorite groups that I’ve ever joined in SL and I encourage everyone that I know that isn’t currently a member to join, I’ve even been known to give them the join fee just because I love the hair and the atmosphere of the group so much. Join, you won’t regret it!

Amber: I join you in this encouragement! lol Daily! Star, once again thank you so much for taking the time to sit with me! We appreciate you so much!

Star: Thank you so much for having me, Amber! This was so much fun. I really look forward to seeing interviews from my other fellow Truth members in the future too.


Everyone that was Star Silvercloud sitting down with me for our first interview of the new Truth Hair VIP Group Blog. We hope you enjoyed getting to know Star a little more. Star Silvercloud (Star Vordun) has more information on her flickr account and her blog information on her in world profile. Please check out Stars profile and follow her progress through SL.

Thank you all for reading and see you all back here in this same space next week!

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